Lahore Digital Arts Festival

Lahore Digital Arts Festival is all about raising the profile of digital arts in Pakistan nationally and internationally. Our podcast series is dedicated to hearing from the people who know the best – the artists themselves! Each 5 episode series focuses on a particular theme and features a diverse range of artists from various backgrounds and levels of experience. 

If you’d like to share your ideas and opinions to be featured on an upcoming series, please get in touch with us!  

This podcast series was part of our special mini-edition of LDF 2022 for “Novembre Numerique” sponsored by the French Embassy of Pakistan. This year we focused particularly on the challenges of the digital arts ecosystem in Pakistan and potential solutions. 

For our first podcast series, in collaboration with the South Asia Digital Arts Festival and the French Embassy of Pakistan, we explored the world of NFTs – how they work, how they function in South Asia, and what their future might be.