Lahore Digital Arts Festival

Lahore Digital Arts Festival maintains that ongoing research and analysis is necessary for the long term growth and sustainability of the digital arts industry. Through our conversations and dialogues we consistently look for opportunities to learn, and in coming years we hope to center more research. In 2023 LDF was able to conduct its first official survey and analysis, Mapping the Digital Arts in Pakistan. 

Mapping the Digital Arts in Pakistan

In 2023 LDF conducted a survey around the demographics and dynamics of the current digital arts industry in Pakistan, as well as the main challenges and potential solutions. The results were analyzed and compiled in a landmark report, “Mapping the Digital Arts in Pakistan.” This study was possible thanks to the generous support of the European Union Network of Institutes of Culture (EUNIC) Global and Pakistan Cluster Members, including Czech Republic, Austria, France including Alliance Francaise, Germany including Goethe Institute, Italy & the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, and the Delegation of the European Union in Pakistan.