Lahore Digital Arts Festival

POST REALITY was the theme of Lahore Digital Arts Festival from 2021-2022

CONCEPT Over recent decades, our use of digital spaces has steadily increased. As their sophistication has developed, so has our dependency on them. Our communication, memories, and information – all of it now exists in the digital sphere. Because so much of our lives have shifted online, our understanding of what is real has also shifted. Before, we understood reality as objective observations and facts; now, it is much more nebulous and undefined. The digital world exists but cannot be seen, touched, or smelled. It can be invented or augmented from standard reality and edited and manipulated by multiple users. It is no longer straightforward to know what ‘real’ really is.

It is a question that goes beyond just the world we experience around us. We also have to question our own identities. We can create and recreate multiple and malleable digital presences and avatars through games and social media. These avatars interact with us and might express our inner feelings better than we can in the traditional “reality” due to context and culture. But with these multiple versions and representations of ourselves, how do we know who we are, and how do we know who anyone else is?

Even before 2020, people interacted increasingly in the digital world and less in person. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, that trend accelerated faster than anyone could have imagined. Our work, education, and social lives suddenly became entirely online. Indeed, this year, our digital selves are often the only way we interact, and the digital sphere is the only one we inhabit. As we enter 2021, we are caught between the desire to return to “normal” and the regressive waves of the pandemic. No doubt the digital reality is here to stay, but we are also experiencing the fatigue of a purely online experience of the world. The overlaps between the two realities shift and evolve in constant dynamic tension.

The first showcase of the Lahore Digital Arts Festival under the banner of POST REALITY featured 80+ artists from 15+ countries. The festival took place from the 5th of March till the 23rd of March 2021. 

Participating Artists and Collectives: 1947 Archive, Aamina Hashmi, Aasil Malik, Abdal Mufti, Addictive TV, Adnan Mirza, Akifa Mian, Amna Hashmi, Amna Shahzad, Anna Fabricius, Ayesha Sohail, Balint Budai, Botond Kelemen, Bushra Saleem, Cosmos Discos, Dania Farooque, DhakaYeah, Dua Rabay, Duaa Khan Kundi, Emil Hasnain, Farah Khandaker, Farhanaz Rupaidha, Fatima Butt, Fruzsina Takáts, Gina Luke, Gulraiz Khan, Hafsa Ashfaque, Hamza Bin Tahir, Haris Hidayat Ullah, Herman Rahman, Hira Sadiq, Humayun Memon, Ibrahim Sheikh, Inside | Out, Jiya Tariq, Kaalo 101, King Marium, Kinga Tóth, László FeLugossy, Lilla Váczi, Louise Deininger, Ludovic Falédam, Maheen Sohail, Mahenoor Raphick, Mahnoor Malik, Mahoor Jamal, Maro Pebo, Marria Khan, Máté Lukács, Máté Rudi, Metadiapason, Mihir Moshiur, Mohsin Shafi, Mominah Aslam, MuaazUllah, Muhammad Khan, Munib Aziz, Nabeel Anwar, Nadia Rahat, Omair Faizullah, Omar Gilani, Puffball Studios, Rohama Malik, Romaisa Fawad, Saad Khurshid, Sahar Khalid, Sakshi Kumar, Sana Akram, Saria Saeed, Sarmad Hashmi, Tibor w. Horváth, Tooba Shahbaz, Tuba Abrar, Ureba Batra, Voice Yard, Webtaura, Zainab Saghir Barlas.

Co-curated by: Najam-Ul Assar and Azeem Hamid

The first collaboration with the National College of Arts (NCA) under the banner of POST Reality took place in 2021 from 11- 21 September 2021.

Participating Artists: Ayesha Naeem, Durrie Baloch, Haroon Zaidi, Khuldoon Ahmad Khan, Maryam Umar, Rabeeha Adnan, Salman Qamar, Sana Hussain, Sarah Haider, Shaheer Hassan, Sundas Shaukat, Zafar Ali. 

Co-curated By: Rabeya Jalil and Rabeeha Adnan.